World of tanks blitz – Major game remake for mobile devices

The game world of tanks blitz is an attempt to transfer major version of the game from consoles and PC to mobile devices. We have to do with the same mode of gameplay which is F2P and clashes tanks from different historical periods.

world of tanks blitz

The game world of tanks blitz is a remake of the main game World of tanks but is designed for mobile devices. Just as in the case of original, the  game was created by studio The game is based on the model of microtransactions. The debut of the production took place in 2014 for iOS and Android. But more than a year after the release, studio has prepared a version for Windows 10. Players can stand in war on crossplatform servers.

Mechanics of the world of tanks blitz

To fight against each other we are using tanks from the first half of the 20th century. The game has a similar type of gameplay as in other multiplayer games, but here you control the machines of war. The main goal of the developers was to preserve the balance between simulation game and  arcade game, they do it perfect. In the game there are tanks on ten levels. Gaining the next level is the main goal of the game. Modifying and improving the vehicles in the garage adds flavor to the game.

Other information

The main difference between the world of tanks blitz and the original is the number of tanks. In the original, we have up to 30 machines, while the Blitz version have only 14 tanks. Blitz also has worse graphics and simplified controls and other interface. World of tanks Blitz is different from the original by amounts of the maps, which is 8. Numerous updates adding more and newer content for the game. The game is very popular on mobile devices and on the Steam platform.

You can download the game on the offical webiste:

Narcosis survival horror in the aquatic environment



Studio Honor Code announced the game will be released at the end of February. This is a game of survival horror in which we operate deep-sea diver, who is fighting for his life in the depths. The game will be released for PC and Xbox One. Also added support Oculus Rift VR and HTC Vive for desktop computers.


In the game you control a underwater diver who is injured in an underwater laboratory. It is thus trapped on the ocean floor, without oxygen supplies and food. The main aim of the producers was to create a climate of claustrophobic due to move in the heavy suit. The game will be based on deficits in oxygen and related measures for the human side. Eg. caused hallucinations in the absence of the appropriate dose of oxygen to the brain can be very frightening in combination with a claustrophobic environment. During the game available to players given flares, a flashlight and a knife, which is useful when in contact with animals living in the deep. Narcosis looks very mysterious and gloomy. Locations shown on the screens are very claustrophobic as promised by the manufacturer. We look forward to is just so different title that will settle with us until February 28.

GreedFall – The new RPG from Spiders studio



Two studios Spiders and Focus Home Interactive advised new action RPG game. In GreedFall we ge into colonial times. We will be fighting for mystery island between autochonts and seas civilaztions.

After six month from last game from Spiders Studio named The Technomacers, players will get new action RPG game. In Greedfall players get onto mystery island, which native people are livin in peave with nature and magic, till colonist appear. Historical view of colonist will be presented with magic spells and lots of montsers.

Spiders Studio didin’t bring us information about type of gameplay in this game. But as we can espect from this studios we can get third person perspective action game, wherein we will have lots of white weapons which will be main used equipment with added magic spells and guns. But we can expet lots of dialogues, sneaking actions and free will in taking actions in quests.

So far we don’t have information about story line at all. But we know that main character will be colonist and will have choice for which side will be fighting for, autochotons or seas powers. Greedfall will be available on the PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. We must wait for this game till 2018.

Developers of Tomb Raider creating Avengers game


Trailer of new game called The Avenger Project has realesed. Game is creating by the developers of Tomb Raider (Crystal Dynamics) and Deus Ex (Eidos-Montreal). So far we have only short teaser available.

The Square Enix company told us that they are working on the Avengers Project game. This game is about Avengers heroes from the movies. So far we don’t know nothing more. Developer didin’t reveal the type of game, hardware requirments and realesed date, we only get short teaser. But we know that this is not only one game from Square Enix and Marvel, becouse they make short therm contract. We are waiting for next information, but we will get them in 2018.

Trove Cheat tool – Trove Hack – Credits generator

Trove Cheat Tool

Trove cheat

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trove cheat proof

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Trove cheat download

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 Video instruction of credits generating process:


Game description and cheat information:

The Trove game is and MMORPG with pixels box graphic type. This game was developed by Trion World studios, whoose are famous for creating games like RIFT or Defiance. Most greater feature in this type of game is an random generated open world. In trove this isn’t one world, this is lots of world generated in random algorithm. This type of solution brings players chance to have unique adventures all the time. We don’t have to worry about staying in the same zone, we can move to another and another, with our own created house. Additionally players changing the world while they are progressing their characters. Main feature of this game is building, players have a chance to create their own tools, which are needed to make awesome and big constructions. But developers didin’t forget about main aspects of MMORPG games, players can make lots of dungeons to get epic items and experience. In addition we have available to make some own epic equipment in our crafting feature.

Trove cheat tool brings you possibility to generate credits for trove game. This Trove hack is safe and you can generate as many credtis as you want. Usage of trove cheats tool is very very easy as you see in video tutorial. Tool working very fast and it won’t change any files in the game. If you want to check it, just follow the instruction and try it.


Robocraft Cheats & Hack v.1.5 – ROBITS Generator

Robocraf cheats & hack v.1.5

Robocraft cheats

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Robocraft cheats

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Robocraft review and Robocraft cheats description:

This robocraft cheats tool brings you unique tool for robits generating. You can get unlimited amounts of robits currency in robocraft game by this tool. We have applied safe algorithm machines to this robocraft hack tool that can fool anti cheat apps from robocraft developers. Generation process of robits is so easy. You can watch it on our short video tutorial or read it in short instruction in post. Our robocraft cheats can be using all the time couse we have applying the updates all the time. If you have any problems with this tool, just comment it below this post. Happy shopping robocraft gamers.

Robocraft is an multiplayer free to play shooter game. We have chance to fight against other players on arenas in deathmatches. But the main feature of this game is to build our death machines which are robots. We must build our bricks robot in garage. We can choose between flying, walking or wheeler machines. This game brings you the creative aspects and action shooter skill needed game type. We are collecting lots of parts for our new robots and we can destroy our old or usless parts to get robits currency which is used for buying new complete machines or other unique parts.



Zula Hack v.1.2 – GOLD Generator – Download

Zula Hack

zula hack

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zula hack proof

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zula hack download

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Short video tutorial


Game and Hack tool description:

This Zula hack can provide you unlimited amounts of Gold currency in Zula game which is a paid currency. Our tool is undetected by any anti cheat tools from game developers. We are making lots of updates to have safer software. Whole process of generation is very simple, you can check it on this post. We have created the video version of tutorial for you. Don’t afraid to ask for everything if you have any problems with this software. We are wich you the best scores 🙂

Zula is a f2p shooter game with mmo progress modes. This is like counter strike where we have two teams and rounds to play. Game was made by IDC games in europe and by Lokum Games in Turkey. The game have lots of equipment, about 150 weapons. We can choose between 15 characters and level it up by improving their skills and abilities. You can skill up weapons and customize it whenever you want. We can play on over ten maps with their location in Iraq and Turkey. This game provides you diffrent game types like capture the flag and team / solo deathmatches. Zula game have big esport community, you can play on many tournaments and leagues. If you want to play the clone of counter strike with big growing community, this game is for you, i think this game desire more attention that have now.



FIFA 17 free weekend playing

FIFA 17 Free weekend

Electroncs Arts have great new for us, they told that FIFA 17 on consoles will be available for free on the whole weekend.

Good information for virtual football players. The Electronic Arts compane told us that we can play FIFA 17 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One for free on this weekend. This trial version is a full version of the single player and multiplayer game modes. Promotion will start on 24 november at 7:00 PM and end on 28 november at 8:59 AM.

But it’s not that great, becouse we can play only 10 hours in a row. Some limit will be given to the storyline mode. But if we will buy this product after the trial, the price will be 40% cheaper, this is fair.

Enjoy playing my friends 🙂

World of Tanks Blitz Hack v.1.4 – Gold and Credits Generator

World of Tanks Blitz Hack

World of Tanks Blitz Hack

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World of Tanks Blitz Hack

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World of Tanks Blitz Hack downloadDownload World of Tanks Blitz Hack Android:

World of tanks Blitz hack ANDROID version DOWNLOAD

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Video instruction:

You can watch this video if you have some trouble with this tool, it shows whole process of generating currency by this tool in WoT Blitz.

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World of Tanks Blitz cheats can generate unlimited amounts of gold and credits whenever you like. Our world of tanks blitz hack tool is a simple application that can be connected for your client and generate currencies with using our code. You can add currencies without fear becouse you won’t get banned. We made some tests using our clients and no even one was banned. The procces of generating currencies is simple and fast, you just need to click few buttons and enter the amount of currency that you want, all other process is doing by this application. Then don’t afraid and start to get yours best gear in WoT. World of tanks blitz hack apk version for android working the same as pc version. This World of tanks blitz hack online versions can brings you so much fun and give you lots of time.

Well then it’s worthwhile to play World of Tanks Blitz now. That is one among coolest War-MMOs on the game market today. The game play begins out chaotic, at low tiers you are prevent to not die and in opposition to different new gamers, however playing a PVP game prat , strategy turns into an important aspect of the game, though the techniques for overcoming best player. Learning to cooperating with players you do not know, studying the traits of just about a hundred different tanks, and working out your own strengths and weaknesses are challenges that provides this game a lasting attraction.



H1Z1: King of the kill – Fast review

H1Z1: King of the kill

h1z1 king of the kill

H1Z1: King of the kill this is pvp shooter mmo game with survival game type. Produced by Daybreak Game Company is a next part of H1Z1 game.

In this game edition, developers add new type of game mode named Battle Royale which is PvP massive mode. In this section they are producing two type of games this H1Z1 King of the kill and H1Z1 just survive which are the exploration and survival game mode.


The storyline of this game is quite easy. We are living in the small town in the USA after the detection of zombie virus. People who want to survive need to fight with each other for food and other supplies.

h1z1 king of the kill


In this game we arent focused on the survival mode so much that in the H1Z1 Just survive and we aren’t exploring the whole map for supplies. The battle royale game modes is the massive fast multiplayer mode where we are standing across up to 200 players on one map. We are joing the map together and searching as fast as we can guns, first aids and other necessery supplies. But if we don’t have some we can craft them like in other h1z1 games. This game brings us fast and dynamic fun with other players, it is the best pvp shooter game.

Hardware requirements:

Recommended: Intel Core i5 3.5 GHz / AMD Phenom II X6 3.2 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 2 GB GeForce GTX 560 / Radeon HD 6970 or better, 20 GB HDD