Narcosis survival horror in the aquatic environment



Studio Honor Code announced the game will be released at the end of February. This is a game of survival horror in which we operate deep-sea diver, who is fighting for his life in the depths. The game will be released for PC and Xbox One. Also added support Oculus Rift VR and HTC Vive for desktop computers.


In the game you control a underwater diver who is injured in an underwater laboratory. It is thus trapped on the ocean floor, without oxygen supplies and food. The main aim of the producers was to create a climate of claustrophobic due to move in the heavy suit. The game will be based on deficits in oxygen and related measures for the human side. Eg. caused hallucinations in the absence of the appropriate dose of oxygen to the brain can be very frightening in combination with a claustrophobic environment. During the game available to players given flares, a flashlight and a knife, which is useful when in contact with animals living in the deep. Narcosis looks very mysterious and gloomy. Locations shown on the screens are very claustrophobic as promised by the manufacturer. We look forward to is just so different title that will settle with us until February 28.

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