H1Z1: King of the kill – Fast review

H1Z1: King of the kill

h1z1 king of the kill

H1Z1: King of the kill this is pvp shooter mmo game with survival game type. Produced by Daybreak Game Company is a next part of H1Z1 game.

In this game edition, developers add new type of game mode named Battle Royale which is PvP massive mode. In this section they are producing two type of games this H1Z1 King of the kill and H1Z1 just survive which are the exploration and survival game mode.


The storyline of this game is quite easy. We are living in the small town in the USA after the detection of zombie virus. People who want to survive need to fight with each other for food and other supplies.

h1z1 king of the kill


In this game we arent focused on the survival mode so much that in the H1Z1 Just survive and we aren’t exploring the whole map for supplies. The battle royale game modes is the massive fast multiplayer mode where we are standing across up to 200 players on one map. We are joing the map together and searching as fast as we can guns, first aids and other necessery supplies. But if we don’t have some we can craft them like in other h1z1 games. This game brings us fast and dynamic fun with other players, it is the best pvp shooter game.

Hardware requirements:

Recommended: Intel Core i5 3.5 GHz / AMD Phenom II X6 3.2 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 2 GB GeForce GTX 560 / Radeon HD 6970 or better, 20 GB HDD

Shadowverse Hack v.1.1 – Crystals and Rupies Generator

Shadowverse Hack

Shadowverse Hack

Screenshot maked after crystals generation:

Shadowverse Hack

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Shadowverse Hack


Instruction for Shadowverse Hack:

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Video instruction:


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This newest tool Shadowverse hack pc from our best gamers blogs can generate unlimited amounts of currency in game named Shadowverse. You can use this Shadowverse cheats tool safely becouse we applied to it some anti ban tools that protect you from admins of this game. The generation process is simple, after reading our instruction you will be ready to use this tool easly. Thanks to non install structure you need to only download it and run, nothing else, we don’t apply any files to your system. If you stiil need some more information about Shadowverse hack, please contant with us or write it in the comment area.

Shadowverse is free to play card trading game. This game is available on steam and on google play shop for android. We are providing you both cheats tool. Shadowverse isn’t simmiliar to other card trading games like hearthstone. This game have some unique features like evolve skill which can make our creatures stronger. We can apply this three times by one match up. This game is new on steam then it will have lots of patches and fixes. But scores and reviews from gamers are positive. If you won’t play this game it is worth your time.


Titanfall 2 – Return of Machines

Titanfall 2 Review

titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 game is a second production from EA games in this series. This time game is available for all platforms: PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. But all this games don’t have big diffrence between them, every game looks the same and have the same features.


In Titanfall 2 we have chance to play full single player campaign, not like in the titanfall 1 where we didin’t have any single player game modes. In this story we are playing as resistance soldier who want to became pilot of titans in the future. We have great luck becouse in some battle one of the pilot die and we can become his deputy in piloting titan class Argus. No we have to complete the mission which where commissioned for them.

titanfall 2


The main feature of the gameplay is that our character is very dynamic. We can jump over the buildings, running on the walls, makes double jumps and summon our titan to battle. If we are pilot we can destroy evrything that stand on our way. In titanfall 2 we have new types of mechs available, this is samurai mechs, that can wield swords and they are more dynamic in movement. The pilots now have more in equipment, new guns, nades like gravity nade and rope which can help us in the running across the map.

Graphics in Titanfall 2 is better than in the past titanfall game and animations are smoother and maps bigger.


Hardware requirment:

Recommended: Intel Core i5-6600 3.3 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 6 GB GeForce GTX 1060 / Radeon RX 480 or better, 45 GB HDD

Heroes and Generals Hack v.1.2 – Gold Generator

Heroes and Generals Hack – Gold Generator

heroes and generals hack

Printscreen of generated gold:

heroes and generals hack proof

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heroes and generals hackTutorial for Heroes and Generals hack:

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Video tutorial:

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You can use this tool for gold generating in Heroes and generals game. This Heroes and Generals hack gold tool is better than others becouse it have the best anti cheat protection and it won’t be detected by any of admin anti cheat tools. Then you can use it everytime. Thanks to lots of updates that we are creating after that new patch for the game arrived, it is safe tool. Using and installing it is such easy as you see in the video tutorial. Heroes and Generals hacks are generally useless from other sources, those heroes and generals hacks aren’t working usally. Our heroes and generals hack gold tool can do all things that theirs tools can’t. Heroes and generals hack gold tool brings you more opportunities and features. Aswell our heroes and generals coin hack working as currency generator of course.

Heroes and generals is a war game that is only designed for multiplayer gamers. This game gave three game types: first is traditional multiplayer first person shooter, second is an strategic game and last is the mini games for smartphones. In this game you can choose between many classes of solders, you can play as sniper, pilot or tank driver. All of this characters has it own skils and abilities that you can buy for currency in game. While you are playing this game, yours objective is to capture, defend the tactic points on the map, collect points and supplies and inlfiltration of enemy territory. Multiplayer game type put emphasis for cooperation between players.



Shadow Warrior 2 – The best slasher !

Shadow Warrior 2

shadow warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2 is the second game from Flying Wild Hog studios game with Shadow Warrior name. This is the fps remaked game from 90s.

Story Line:

We are playing after five years from the past part of the shadow warrior game. In this time the world change dramatically, people starts to make an alliance with demons. But we are still playing as Lo Wang, who are still the same badass as before. Now we are fighting with all evil that comes around with Yakuza members.

shadow warrior 2

Game Mechanics:

Game mechanics wasn’t changed so much. We are still fighting with our swords and guns equipped. But we can cut off all parts of demons that we want :). The character skill progress and ablities are rebuild and grown up. We can use skill cards that we looted and use artifacts to our weapons that have unique statitics. Shadow Warrior 2 gives you more free world than the past realese of the game. When we are doing the quests we can explore all area and open all crates, barrels and chests with loot. All of the areas are generating random, that we need to explore all area all the time.

Game modes:

In the Shadow Warrior 2 we can play in co-op mode which are ready for max 4 players to play. The whole story line can be maked with other players and the loot is better.

Hardware requirements:

Recommended: Intel Core i5-5675C 3.1 GHz / AMD A10-7850K 3.7GHz, 8 GB RAM, 2 GB GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7970, 14 GB HDD

Atlas Reactor Hack v.1.2 – ISO Generator tool

Atlas Reactor Hack v.1.2

atlas reactor hack

Screenshot maked after generation process:

atlas reactor hack

Download server:



How to generate ISO:

  1. Run atlas reactor hack tool.
  2. Run atlas reactor game client and log in to your profile.
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Video tutorial showing generation process:


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Short information about this tool and Atlas reactor review:

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Atlas reactor is an tactic turn basend sci fi game from the Trion Worlds studios. This studio have made lots of great titles like: Trove, Defiance and Rift, but this was Mmo rpg games. This is some kind of new level for this studio. The mechanic of this game is based on turn actions. You have only one character to play, but you play with other players not with computer AI. In turn based games this will bring a lot of fun and great actions. Our turn is lasts for 30s in that time you must choose between defence actions or offense, you can also leave traps for your opponents. While we are playing we can get some bonuses or items witch are helping us in the battle.


Zombie Defense Hack v.1.2 – Funds Generator Tool

Zombie Defense Hack

zombie defense hack

Screenshot of added funds:

zombie defense hack proof

Download links:



Funds generating instruction:

  1. Download Zombie defense hack from the link.
  2. Run Zombie defense hack tool and run the game client.
  3. In the Zombie Defense hack click check connection button and wait for status “Connected”.
  4. Check funds and type the amount of currency that you want to add for your game profile.
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  6. Check the funds amount in the game client.

Video instruction of generating funds:


This instruction showing you the whole process of generating funds in Zombie Defense Hack. Watch it and you won’t have any problems.

Funds tool information and Zomie Defense descripton:

Newest funds tool generator have one main function of adding big amounts of zombie defense currencie for the game. You can add as many funds as you want, it isn’t limited and you won’t get banned. Anytime you can checking for the newest version on this site. We are adding sometimes new version of our tools for better using and when the patch comes to the game. This hack have only the necesery options, we don’t add useless modes and tools, becouse it slows down the tool. Our hack working pretty fast and smooth. Skin is very pretty and smooth, all functions are on the first view. If you will have any problem just email us, we will try to help you, happy hunting.

Zombie Defense is the game from the Home New Games stuidios. It is action, strategy free to play game type. It was released 4 days ago on the steam platform. In this game we will encounter with the classic zombies but in the classic strategy game type. The postapocaliptic world in the game brings us to the center of chaos and plenty of zombies. We will be playing as the experienced in war capral who will be commanding the group named Cobra 1 which are the elite squad of killers.

How to download Zombie Defense Hack:



The Uncertain review – Robotic story

The Uncertain – robotic story

the uncertain

The uncertain game made ComonGames studio. Developers have made before small production which are not quite popular as this game. Storyline of this game have it’s time in no man civilizaton where people are dead. The whole planet are covered with nature, forests, jungles and other flora and fauna. Robots which are the highest technology AI have took power over the planet. Our goal is to reveal how people haven’t survived. The story is show in notes, dialogues with AI. The Uncertain game is created on the episode mode.

the uncertain

The main taskk in this game is exploration. We have to discover whole world covered with no mans forests, big open air areas, new citys maked by robots. There we can find some clues for our questions and some items which we can use to get more information.

The Uncertain game working on the Unity engine. Grahpics in this game is awesome, truly amazing.

Hardware requirements:

Recommended: Intel Core i5 2.6 GHz / AMD Phenom II X6 2.7 GHz, 2GB GeForce 960 graphic, 8 GB RAM, 10GB HDD

Minimal: Intel Core i3 2.3 GHz, 4GB RAM, 2GB GeForce 680 graphic, 10GB HDD

Brawlhalla Hack v1.2 – Mammoth Coins and Gold Generator

Brawlhalla Hack

brawlhalla hack

Printscreen of generated currencies:

brawlhalla hack proof

Download Mirror:

brawlhalla hack download

How to generate currencies:

  1. Get Brawlhalla hack from the button above.
  2. Run Brawlhalla hack application.
  3. Open Brawlhalla game and leave it running in the background.
  4. Click check connection button in the Brawlhalla hack app.
  5. Wait for connection.
  6. Enter the amount of currencies and click add buttons.
  7. Wait for process.
  8. Check the game currencies.

Video demonstration of Brawlhalla hack:


This video will help you in generating process, look on it.

Brawlhalla Hack information and game description:

This tool for brawlhalla the free game on steam allows you to generate some currencies for it, like Gold which is free and Mammoth coins which is payed currencies, but you can get it for free here. System included in this tool is simple, it’s not harming the game files at all. Working speed of this cheat is better than other tools before, we included new hack template and it’s quite smooth. Connection checking system allows you to have safe connection between game client and our brawlhalla hack tool, it protect you from the ban hammer. Generation algorithm are fast and smooth, this process takes you max 10 seconds not even more. Try this awesome tool and be the best in this flawless game.

Brawlhalla game is the PC platform 2D combat game in platform system in multiplayer. This game was produced by Blue mamoth games which has make Dungeon Blitz browser game. Brawlhalla is free2play game with microtransactions in game. The combat system in this platform game compare classic combat platform games. All of our battles are taking place on the small arenas. We have to be quick and know all of ablilities and combos for all heroes. We can choose between many of unique heroes whoose are modeled from mithology culture. To have more way of killing the developers brings us random weapons and gadgets on the arena, we can grab them and fight or throw it.

How to get file:


How to survive 2 review

How to survive 2

How to survive 2

How to survive 2 is a second game from studios EKO Software which brings us to postapocaliptic world with zombies around. The game is produced by 505 Games and it’s arcade game type with survival modes, we must find water, food and craft some items to be alive.

Action of the game is in state Luisiana where we must fight for our life with zombies. The first version of the game was played in the Columbia.

The game brings us to the world consumed by the virus of zombie, we must safe our lifes in this dangerous world. We must make groups and camps to survive and gather lots of water and food which isn’t easy in this world full of zombies.

We can play in the single mode and in multiplayer. We can be in group and making camps together. The maximum capacity of part is 16 players.