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Heroes and Generals

Heroes and Generals game developed by studio Reto Moto, which takes place during World War 2. The game gives the 3 game modes: classic shooter FPP, browser strategy game and mobile games on Android.

heroes and generals

Studio Reto games focused in the production om mainly aspect of the FPP. Gameplay mechanics is similar to other games of the same category already present on the market. In the game, we have available a variety of character classes as a pilot, tank driver and sniper. Equipments for our heroeses can be buy for gold coins or silver coins earned in the game. The game takes place on different maps, which are similar in size to the Battlefield game.


The objectives of the game is take over goal-oriented places that serve as spawnpoints, as well as sabotaging enemy during combat. Players have the opportunity to drive during the game, for example: planes, tanks, armored cars or bicycles. FPP gamplay mode targets in cooperation with the team. Added the realistic aspects such as changing weather, damaging vehicles or weapons.

The distinctive game Heroes and Generals is a strategic game too. Directions on which field attacking players in the FPP mode are selected on the basis of a strategic mode. It is divided into points managing supply lines. With the currency in the game we can put on strategic points combat units such as foot soldiers, tanks and aircrafts. When placed on the map, the player can send war units to skirmishes on the area. After selecting land battle on strategic mode, the FPP mode appears play in the area. The player, who fight for the area under FPP may ask for support players mode from stratgic mode. War front in the game through a combination of modes is dynamic and constantly changing place.

Strategy mode in heroes and generals is primarily intended for retro gamers. This mode allows for the planned attack and defense of the war territory. The whole game runs in a browser that allows easy access to the game.

The final game mode are the mini-games for android and social medias. These modes support the overall gameplay involves decoding messages or outputting attacks from the air.

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