World of tanks blitz – Major game remake for mobile devices

The game world of tanks blitz is an attempt to transfer major version of the game from consoles and PC to mobile devices. We have to do with the same mode of gameplay which is F2P and clashes tanks from different historical periods.

world of tanks blitz

The game world of tanks blitz is a remake of the main game World of tanks but is designed for mobile devices. Just as in the case of original, theĀ  game was created by studio The game is based on the model of microtransactions. The debut of the production took place in 2014 for iOS and Android. But more than a year after the release, studio has prepared a version for Windows 10. Players can stand in war on crossplatform servers.

Mechanics of the world of tanks blitz

To fight against each other we are using tanks from the first half of the 20th century. The game has a similar type of gameplay as in other multiplayer games, but here you control the machines of war. The main goal of the developers was to preserve the balance between simulation game andĀ  arcade game, they do it perfect. In the game there are tanks on ten levels. Gaining the next level is the main goal of the game. Modifying and improving the vehicles in the garage adds flavor to the game.

Other information

The main difference between the world of tanks blitz and the original is the number of tanks. In the original, we have up to 30 machines, while the Blitz version have only 14 tanks. Blitz also has worse graphics and simplified controls and other interface. World of tanks Blitz is different from the original by amounts of the maps, which is 8. Numerous updates adding more and newer content for the game. The game is very popular on mobile devices and on the Steam platform.

You can download the game on the offical webiste:

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